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The Great Reunion (Mars and Daisy)

Mars and Daisy
Owner: Dicle Demirkol
Date of Departure: 07.03.2017
Place of Departure: Istanbul / Turkey
Place of Arrival: Melbourne / Australia

Demirkol family decided to step into new life in a new country from these lands where they had been born and raised. This process would be both challenging for them and for their only children, Mars and Daisy. Like every parent, they were primarily thinking about Daisy and Mars.

As they learned about the procedures for transferring pets to Australia, they realized that they needed to find a professional, reliable, sensitive and disciplined company with quality. As they deepened their research, they found and linked to Pet Transportation Turkey on October 9th. So , there was though reality about Australia: Australia, Turkey, did not accept pets directly. In the end, their friends in Germany have agreed to look after their children until they complete necessary procedures. After this phase, they sent their documents and proxy statements to Pet Transportation Turkey, whose staff is professionally competent.

Demirkol family completed the process on January 9th, after 1.5 months of communicating with Pet Transportation Turkey in January, and the spring took the first step on the right foot in this long journey that these adorable kitties had set out to reach their parents on a March day. We, as Pet Transportation Turkey, shared this joyous moment with them. We wish these sweet kitties happiness and peace in their new home in their new life.

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