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Pallas Cats’ Adventure in the Civilized World

Pet Transportation Turkey Pallas Cats

Russian farmer Vladimir Ivanov, who lives in Russia-Irkutsk, saw 4 kittens one day while he was clearing the stall. Ivanov decided to look at the cats. He began to realize that as the cats grew up, they were a different species. Ivanov asked for a species of the cats to his neighbor, who is working at the Irkutsk Agricultural Institution. It finally became clear that the kittens were wild Pallas cats.

The kittens were taken into the nature reserve area in Irkutsk Daursky and wild cats here own these cute kittens. After 2 months, after the last checks are done, they were released to the nature by a tracking device.

Daursky authorities have reported that the pets are healthy and will be followed for a while. Ivanov meets with Daursky officials every week to get informed about the pets and adds: It is enough to feel good to know that they are healthy and free, no matter how much makes me sad that they are to stay separated from me.

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