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Frequently Asked Questions


Professional Pet Moving Company

9ekim (the owner of website) deals with international pet (dogs and cats) transportation since 2011. Moreover, we have sufficient knowledge and full authority to assist horse, laboratory animals, fish, birds and exotic animals shipments.

Yes. Restrictions can be subject when your pet’s documents are not correct or missing and if your pet’s breed is not allowed to fly via airline.

Please allow us to book your pets flight first as not all airlines accept pets for travel. Once the pet flight has been booked & confirmed we will let you know the flight details, at which point you can book your own ticket.

Yes, we will contact and inform our IPATA partners around the World regarding to your pet transport.

Yes, You can wait us in good restaurant/cafe while we interest in your pet customs clearance.

Yes. We have official  vets close to Ataturk Airport customs zone.

Yes. Our team assist your pets and make them take a walk before/after flights.

On a good day it can take 4 to 5 hours depending on the amount of entries they have on any given day. The worst case scenario can be 7 to 10 hours.  Pets are cared for during this time by our team.

Yes, it is able to travel. Home quarantine just block your giving the pet as a gift to someone or sell to someone.During 3 weeks you should be in your adress with your lovely pet.

For entrance to Turkey, your pet must have microchip and rabies test. Titration test also necessary but you can complete this test during home quarantine period.

All countries ask for titration test (Except of USA and Canada).

You should wait 90 days after titration test.

Fees are depends on air freight and which service you need.

We just assist people who has their own pets. (No trade)

  • Microchip-rabies vaccine- 1 month expectation period
  • Titration test and 3 months expectation
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The international transporting of pets a very different process and not to be considered a simple shipping operation. After all it is about living things. They are quite valuable for their owners and the transportation of pets should be meticulously performed.

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