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Dog Transportation


You should go to your doctor to complete all vaccinations and parasitic applications and to perform general health checks.
  • You should keep your documents such as the vaccination center, health certificate and so on.
  • You should install an address map that contains your information in case you are lost.
  • If you are going to travel abroad, the necessary certificate and permission document must be obtained from authorized institutions and organizations. (Our institution will help you with this.)
  • You can get the information necessary to make a quiet trip by talking to your veterinarian before the trip
  • You should avoid feeding your dog at least one-third of its weight before feeding and completely hungry.

Standards Below are the prohibited dog species to be transported by IATA standards

Company Culture Competence Specialization Institutionalism

We have a corporate culture, we treat our employees equally, we provide special trainings to improve their personal/vocational education.

9 Ekim is the Only Licensed Customs Consultancy Firm, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey, offering Customs Clearance Services for Pets in Turkey. Our rules and procedures are clear, you do not pay any extra fees. That’s why those who work with us are always one step ahead.

All of our staff are experts and trained in their fields, and four different languages are spoken and written fluently in our company.

We have clear and clearly defined rules. We don’t break the rules. Thanks to our experienced staff and departments, we take quick decisions and implement them.


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IPATA Certificate

We have been serving to our customers as an IPATA member for 4 years and we never forget that your pets are members of your families.