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Pettransportation.com is a local part of our company 9ekim Group , established in 1994, is the first and one IPATA İnternational Pet Transportation Federation certified member , serving under secretariat of Custom Consultany license for pettransportation.... Outstanding achievement with experienced German, English and French speaking staff in transporting pet from abroad to Turkey or from Turkey to abroad and safe and seamless doorto door service ..

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Useful Informations

Transportation of animals is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. If you decide to travel with your pet or send your pet to another country we urge you to contact 9ekim Worldwide Movers (Pet Transportation Turkey) IN ADVANCE, because, depending on the country of destination, there are the different necessary procedures (vaccinations, tests) that must be made IN ADVANCE, 3-4 months before travelling (rabies vaccination, titer (or titre) testing).


Airlines allow passengers to carry their pets in the cabin, but it is not always the case. Those, who are not allowed in the cabin, are transported in the luggage compartment. Transporting your cat or dog to go abroad, the kennel should be in compliance with İATA standards. 




Cages not apply IATA standards are not allowed from Airline companies. Please do not overfeed your pets before the flight and do not give them any medication, unless it is medically required.

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