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Social Responsibility

The Story of A Social Responsibility Project from İstanbul to Atlanta The Story of Salvation from 15 Golden Retriever from Turkey Street and Shelters up to arrival in Atlanta While approaching the final stage , one of the most important parts was the identification of the dogs in their pension…
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Costs and Fees

Services and Fees Do not forget! Safety of the lives of your pets is priceless. Our service charges for international pet transportation are dependent on several subjects such as departure service points, kennel measurements, procedures of other countries, departure date etc. Therefore, please fill the “Request Form” and ask for…
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Dog Transportation

Dogs You should go to your doctor to complete all vaccinations and parasitic applications and to perform general health checks. You should keep your documents such as the vaccination center, health certificate and so on. You should install an address map that contains your information in case you are lost.…
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Cat Transportation

Cats Most airline companies do not allow you to travel with owners of cats, and cats are forced to travel in a special, hot and pressured part of the luggage compartment. Most of the cats can travel very well; But it is not recommended to make a plane trip for…
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