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Games and Cats

Pet Transportation Turkey Games and Cats

Play time is filled with stalking and pouncing things. The funny activities help kittens improve muscles, coordination and timing, and it teaches them survival and social skills.

Cats always play because it’s funny.. 🙂

Kittens start playing socially with their siblings and mum around four weeks old. They usually stalk, pounce , wrestle each other. Social play is very important for learning social skills because playing depends on cooperation.

Cats use the same physical sequences for hunting and playing. Both activities involve stalking, chasing and finally catching their toys. At the same time, dopamine is given into their systems at the start of the hunting sequence and when play begins. It gradually stops being given only when the play object is finally caught.

The best way to play with kitties is to mimic the hunt. Use a pole toy and pull it away from the little hunter, letting him catch it occasionally. Finally, after the last catch of the session, immediately feed him a healthy meal. He will eat, groom and sometimes takes a nap. Play it safe with pole toys, put them out of reach of your cats when you aren’t around to check.

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