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Meet Howie!

Meet Howie ! A Boxer Mix. Lovely chap ! Came all the way from Maryland USA to Istanbul, Turkey. Travelled along with his owner Mr. Stuart Martin from US Consultate and delivered to him and his family after customs proceedings were over.
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Jazz’s trip to London started

Jazz arrived safely in London from istanbul with Turkish Airlines. After custom clearance finally they met their owner.With our professional and good service (since 1993) is the happy finally.
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Wait us, Cambridge!

Burce Hanim is a very successful student. Cute friend Sense wanted to get a companion for him. With 9 Ekim specialization, Sense was transferred to England. We wish happiness to Sense and Burce Hanim in Cambridge.
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Django Istanbul – London

Matthew Moulton has been living in Turkey for 4 years, a very important task. His companion Django was there. Matthew has taught at Darüşşafaka, one of the foremost schools in Turkey.
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Rocky Jones USA Cansas – Turkey Izmir

Tawana jones and cute friend Rocky jones decided to move to the harmonious and cool environment of Izmir from the hot geography of Kansas. She had worked with several companies before but could not get enough service.
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Rocky And Zeytin’s Journey To Dubai Deserts

Ersoy’s couple and their kids, Rocky and Zeytin , decided to move to a harmonious and peaceful environment of Dubai from the stressful life of Istanbul. Mrs. Ersoy had interviewed several companies before but could not get enough information.
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The Great Reunion (Mars and Daisy)

Demirkol family decided to step into new life in a new country from these lands where they had been born and raised. This process would be both challenging for them and for their only children, Mars and Daisy. Like every parent, they were primarily thinking about Daisy and Mars.
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