Pet Transportation Turkey (Import)

Pet Transportation Turkey (Import)

Pet Transport Operations and Procedure (Import)

Every country has its peculiar Customs and AFL laws and regulations for pets import operations and import preview desired documents, procedures are vary. On our website you can find some countries procedures concerning imports of pet as preliminary information shared. About shared information and overseas Customs border problem that will occur in the (quarantine, import ban
to criminal sanctions, etc.) our company is not responsible.

Some countries we do most output from Turkey ,the country list can be found here.

If the country does not exist on the list your pet goes to or the country’s Customs and AFL law is not the current and updated information. We have consulting service provided under surcharge with detailed report from International Pet Transport certified expert s, please click on our availability. Information mentioned in the country’s Customs Department, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is also a member of IPATA, located in that country to the last confirmed network is shared based on the information.

From Abroad To Turkey Pet Entry (Import) Services

1. VİP ENTRANCE to TURKEY PET service (door to door):

This is the most preferred service option , pet received by IPATA members our partners
abroad for departure operations and load to cargo aircraft will be sent to Turkey. After arrival in Turkey your pet come to Airport Customs all operations can be completed in 3-4 hours in the country of destination and home address are delivered reliably.

Service Content

a) Overseas service (destination)

(under the responsibility of IPATA Member, our partners abroad)

b) Carrying Cage (İPATA standards) special made (fighting dog) wooden cage supply (upon request)

c) Pick up pet from the place of residence abroad and Interior transport to the Airport (Revolting new vehicles)

d) Before exit and entry to Turkey import certificate and health certificate according AFL regulations is sorted

e) Export customs clearance abroad. ( via professional members of İPATA, our partners)

f) Compare & book air transport aircraft and International pet transport (transportation)

( under the responsibility of IPATA member, 9ekim International Movers (Turkey pet transportation)

( PET transportation via AİR. Prices range from 10 to 20 EUR/kg, with an average 15-18 EUR/kg)

g) Domestic services (destination) Your pets documents will be inspected up to date with Turkish laws and regulations, prior arrival in Turkey

l) Your pet domestic veterinary entry document is arranged (3 days before arrival in Turkey)

k) Your pet from abroad import customs clearance within the current legislation

m) Your pets internal transport from the airport is arranged

n) Pet domestic address delivered in a way that is healthy and problem-free.


This service is provided for the pet owner who brought his pet on his own via cargo or as excess baggage from abroad to Turkey .Will be accompanied at airport clearing customs and import procedures by authorized Customs Consultancy under our company ‘s responsibility . Customs operations for passengers who come with their pet as excess baggage the process time is about 20 minutes to finish. In the event of total cargo customs operations with our processing time is about 3-4 hours . During the process your pet will be taken from cargo to warehouse , there your pet have water and food and taken out to air supply within the Permissions of Customs….

Service Contents;

a) pre-arrival customs import clearance (To avoid Turkish Customs problem)

b) veterinary import entry documents (3 days before arrival in Turkey)

c) updated Turkey regulations operated smoothly for import customs clearance

d) From point of arrival at airport in Turkey your internal transport to home address (to all boroughs in Turkey)

e) Your pet delivered to domestic address healthy and seamless


Your Pet will go to any country abroad or will be imported from abroad and you don’t know the customs

law, AFL operations and procedures of the destination country? The import process if you do it yourself

or abroad outside Turkey and you will need all the information, please contact our specialists.


Going abroad with your pet IATA standards crate is essential for carrying pets. Aircraft companies do not allow commercially available transport cages . İf requested our company is able to provide İATA standard crates for your pets and fight dogs like Argentina Dogo, Pitbull can be carried only in special boxes which can be ordered upon request. In case the flight is cancelled or missed our company will provide hygienic environment, veterinary controlled pet accommodation at affordable prices.

The rules and regulations for the import of pets could vary according to every country’s Customs and Agriculture Ministries. If you want to bring your pet to another country, you must know the rules, regulations and procedures of that country otherwise your pet will either be denied of entrance to that country or will be admitted to quarantine which creates serious financial and psychological problems. We have shared some of the leading countries for the purpose of preliminary information below . In the case of any amendments to the laws and practices in their respective countries, our company does not take responsibility. The precise and updated information about our company with the current services available in the country to date information on pet imports also list your cat to countries other than that we have shared, or if you want to send your dog can learn the scope of Consulting Services.

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